1965 Triumph Bonneville

A little history

My dad and his brother William (a.k.a. Bill or Uncle Wood) went to "The Cycle Ranch" near Trenton, New Jersey (anyone know if this place is still there?) and bought this Triumph Bonneville in 1965. The Cycle Ranch was the only place that had a Bonneville still in the crate. They opened the box just enough to see that there was a tach in there, then resealed the box, put it in the back of my dad's 1964 Ford pick-up truck, and drove it home (to North Massapequa, New York). My dad assembled it himself.

As it stands now, the seat, air filters, and license plate bracket are the only parts on the bike that are not original. We're looking for the original parts to make it all original, and then we'll get some more pictures of it.

My dad took very good care of it for as long as he had it. Now the responsibility to care for this classic has been passed on to me. I only hope I can do it justice.

These pictures were taken on May 25, 1996.

Click here to see the detailed picture (about 200K)

Click here to see the detailed picture (about 309K)

Click here to see the detailed picture (about 290K)

Click here to see the detailed picture (about 161K)

Click here to see the detailed picture (about 301K)

Yes, that does say '06385.0' original miles!

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