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While our web site is in a transition phase, please contact us directly by calling (603) 471-2547 or sending us an email at sales@klos.com. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Klos Technologies, Inc. is a technology development company specializing in networking software and drivers, protocol tools and development, and networked embedded systems. Established in 1989, Klos Technologies, has provided networking software consulting, contract services, and protocol licensing to many companies, including Cabletron, Banyan Systems, Phoenix Technologies, Racal-Datacom, Racal-Interlan, BBN, Simware, NEC, Activision, Quarterdeck, SGS Testcom, TransAct Technologies, Lucent, Avid Technology, and others.

Klos Technologies, Inc. has experience with ethernet, TCP/UDP/IP, IPX/SPX/RIP/SAP, packet drivers, Windows driver development, UBICOM processors, NTCIP, as well as token-ring, Arcnet, and BACnet.

In 1992, Klos Technologies released its first product PacketView, a PC-based LAN protocol analyzer.

In 1994, Klos Technologies released its second product SerialView, a PC-based async protocol analyzer specifically designed to capture and decode async PPP and SLIP.

In 1995, Klos Technologies licensed its IPX routing technology to several router vendors, including Engage Communications and BBN (to be incorporated into BBN's T/10 router product line).

In 2002, Klos Technologies released PacketView Pro, a Windows based version of PacketView.

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